Wrap, Splat, Hat

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A visit from Davina

Protecting our skin from the harmful effects of the sun is an important message. The children of Hawkhurst CE Primary School were particularly lucky to have a visit from Davina McCall to talk to the children about the ‘Wrap, Splat, Hat’ campaign that is being run by Ambre Solaire. Davina spoke to the children about the great things that you can do in the sunshine but that they need to remember to: Wrap up in a t-shirt and UV protected sunglasses; Splat on the suncream and put on a wide brimmed hat.

The children were also given the opportunity to ask Davina questions. These were mostly about her recent Life at the Extreme Adventures. After the talk, the children joined Davina on the field for some photographs and autographs. She was very natural and relaxed with the children. Deputy Headteacher Amanda Rock said, “It was a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to speak to Davina and her talk was inspirational. As well as the important sun safety message, Davina told the children to follow their dreams. She also told them that she became famous through determination and perseverance; a message that we are often trying to pass on to them.”