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Dear Parents / Carers,

Hello, my name is Miss Gorham and I am the teacher for Red Class. Some may already know me from teaching their children last year, but for those I haven’t met before, it is very lovely to meet you. In Red Class we have a TA to support learning and wellbeing in the classroom. This term we have borrowed Miss Hodsoll from Rainbows but for Term 2 and the rest of the year we will be supported by Mrs Rogers.

We have had such a busy week here in Red Class and they have already created some lovely pieces of work. Transitioning from Reception to Year 1 is quite a daunting task for the children, however they have settled in beautifully and they are doing very well to adapt to the new changes and follow the new rules and routines. As the week has progressed, each child has come out of their shell a little more and it has been lovely to see their personalities shining through.


Each day will be similar to provide a structured routine. Every morning we will have a daily 30-minute Phonics lesson, followed by English and Maths. In the afternoon we will complete our additional subjects including RE, Science, PSHE, and Art, with forest school on a Thursday afternoon and PE on a Friday afternoon. The class will receive activity time after our learning in the afternoon and as the year progresses, activity time will gradually be decreased. Children will also have the opportunity each day to select and read a book.

Rules and Expectations

We will provide a comfortable, fun and encouraging learning environment and in return we would love for the children to try their hardest and not give up, completing a task to the best of their ability. We have a short list of simple rules in Red Class:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Leave a safe space between you and your friends.
  • Pop your hand up to share your ideas.
  • Listen quietly to other children’s ideas.
  • Stay in your seat.
  • Use your indoor voice.


As previously stated, Red class will complete 30 minutes of Phonics daily, where each day they will learn or recap a sound, write words using that sound and read a Phonics book. A copy of this book will be sent home at the end of each week. This will be in preparation for the likely resumption of the Phonics screening test at the end of the academic year. Children will be provided with support as the year progresses to give them the best possible outcome in the Phonics screening test.

Across the year Red Class will be looking at a variety of books which have been carefully selected to encourage their imagination, vocabulary and provide a range of writing opportunities. These key texts will cover various topics including space, seasonal change, friendship, and plenty more!
At the beginning of every English lesson, Red Class will complete a 15-minute Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar session. This will provide them with the knowledge of grammar, spelling rules and how to use key pieces of punctuation including full stops, capital letters, questions marks and exclamation marks. Spellings will be practised using Spelling Shed and we will have a test on Fridays to monitor understanding.


We are taking an approach of beginning with mathematical skills with the numbers 1 – 10. This means we can identify any gaps in children’s knowledge, where they will then receive support from either myself or a TA. Throughout Year 1, Red Class will learn numbers to 100 including place value, and addition and subtraction. They will also further their knowledge of measurement including length and weight, shape and money.


Across this year we will be covering 6 topics including Holidays, Celebrations, Changes in Living Memory, Toys, Explorers and The Local Area. These topics have been carefully selected to encourage a wide range of historical vocabulary and geographical skills, as well as giving the children a chance to have fun learning lots of new and interesting things. They will also be given lots of creative opportunities including designing and making their own toys and creating maps to follow.


Following our Empiribox scheme, this year’s topics will be Mixtures and Potions, Plants and Trees, and Toys. These topics will give the children a chance to explore chemistry, biology, and physics, whilst investigating and conducting experiments.

Religious Education

Over the year we are going to look at 5 topics and investigate 5 questions including what Christians believe God is like, Christmas, Easter and the gospels. We will then move on to have a look at Judaism and what Jews believe. We will read a variety of stories from the Bible to have a look at some of the deeper meanings and link them to the key practises and traditions of Christians. We will write our own prayers, act out some of the stories and the children will be encouraged to ask questions to find out more.

If you have any questions about Year 1 or your child, please do not hesitate to ask.

Key points

  • Forest school will be in Term 1 beginning Thursday 10th September (please can children wear Forest school clothes to school which are appropriate for the weather).
  • Phonics screening will be at the end of Year 1.
  • PE is on a Friday afternoon (please can the children wear their PE kits to school on Friday)

From Miss Gorham, Miss Hodsoll and Mrs Rogers.

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