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What’s Happening in Rainbow Class ?

The children have settled into the class really well and at the moment we are supporting them with the behaviour expectations of the class and school, thinking about sharing and taking turns, learning the classroom timetable and becoming independent with their belongings. This is why you may find that your child puts their jumper on back to front – they have tried and we will keep practising but if you could practise at home to that would help.

The children choose the “topic” we learn through. The staff watch and listen to what the children are exploring, discussing and interesting in finding out about. That “topic” then helps us to structure planning for learning. The children learn through the seven areas of learning in the curriculum; Communication and Language, Physical Development including a weekly PE lesson, Personal, Social and Emotional Development including a weekly RE lesson, Literacy including a daily Phonics session, Maths, Understanding the World and finally Expressive Art and Design. We also have a weekly music lesson and a weekly Forest School session. Discovering how the children learn is also really important as we all learn differently. Some children like to be hands on, some like to watch and listen, some children like to experiment on their own. Knowing how they learn will help us ensure the children are engaged and develop a want to learn.

The children will be learning through a mixture of teacher directed activities or tasks and child initiated times. The teacher directed session (Mrs Elmes’ Exploring Time) is when the staff will teach the children a skill or pass on information and child initiated time (Activity Time) is when the children will use the skills taught in activity time and share their own learning and thoughts with each other.

We also help them to become more resilient when things go wrong and work through some ideas to solve the problem. Rainbow Class always work as a team to tidy up, explore and learn together so we spend the first term getting to know each other. They will be spending the next 7 years together so this time is needed to build those firm friendships and acceptance that they are all different but can still work together.

Phonics, how can I help?

At Hawkhurst we use the Read Write Inc. scheme to get the children recognising sounds, blending the sounds together to make works and then begin to read books. Unfortunately we will not be able to have a parent’s meeting this year because of the new guidance from the government which starts on Monday so I will be putting together a presentation to send out to you all. What can you do at home to help? Reading stories daily and talking about the words and their meanings is vital. This is how children will build up a larger vocabulary and understanding of words. For example, we have been talking about feelings and how many different words mean cross or happy. All the children have talked about reading bedtime stories with you which is lovely to hear. As they listen to stories and increase their vocabulary their writing will develop and the content will be so much more exciting. Once we start phonics the children will bring home a wallet with sounds and words in it and this is the time you can practise, practise, practise. The more you go through the wallet at home the quicker the children will master the tasks and begin to read.


Just a few quick messages

  • Remember the children do not have to bring a snack as we provide them in school.
  • Their book bag will begin to fill with work and other goodies so keep checking it.
  • I appreciate it can be tricky, I am a mum too, but children find it hard to be late and walk into a busy, settled classroom and to watch everyone go home and be last. School starts for us at 8.30am and Rainbow Class come out at 3pm (2.30pm on Fridays)

The team and I are so excited and cannot wait to work with you and your children to start you off on your school journey. Please do not hesitate to contact me via a note, a call or an email if you would like any information or to discuss any issues as they arise.

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