Welcome to Green Class 2020

Green Class will enjoy a rich and varied curriculum this year.


In maths, we will be starting with some number work in Autumn term, before moving on to fractions and decimals in Spring, and finishing with measurement and statistics in Summer.


In Literacy, we will be covering a range of different skills as we work through age appropriate texts in great- yet engaging- detail. I am particularly looking forward to working through Pugs of the Frozen North by Philip Reeve over the winter!


Science will see us investigating sound in Autumn term, followed by properties of materials in Spring term and electricity in the summer.

Topic Work

In Topic, a look at the Vikings and Greeks will bookend geographical work on settlements, rivers and mountains.


PE will see us start with Athletics and Gymnastics before starting some ball sports after Christmas.

I am really looking forward to teaching Green Class this year, and with the help of the wonderful Mrs Hamer and Miss Eastwood, I’m sure we’re going to have a terrific year!

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