Violet Class – 2015/16 Terms 5 and 6 Topic Overview

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violetBLITZ and PIECES


We will continue to read Journey to the River Sea and use this book to help with comprehension, inference and deduction skills. Linking to our WW2 topic, we will then read Once followed by The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. We will use both of these stories to help inspire our writing across different genres. Children will continue to read regularly and we will also continue with regular spelling and grammar work.
We will then be looking at play scripts as we put together our end of term production.


After the SATs tests, Year 6 will be involved in a variety of practical projects where they can apply their maths skills. We will be undertaking a range of problem solving activities and using maths to enhance our data handling skills linking to our science topic. We will use the school’s grounds to collect data whilst presenting our findings in a variety of formats.
We will also give the children the opportunity to use a software package called Maths in Motion. The children will become racing car drivers where they will design their own car using a mixture of basic maths skills and personal decision making in order to win a race.


In Term 5, we will again focus on Sikhism where we will learn about the Khalsa and the Festival of Baisakhi. We will discuss the benefits of a community and whether or not people have the right to protest.
In Term 6 we will study values; making links to the School’s values and Bible teachings.


We will use Purple Mash to control, simulate and solve programming problems and algorithms through selection, sequencing and repetition.


From now until the end of the academic year, the focus will be on athletics in preparation for Sport’s Day. We will also cover net and wall games, health and fitness and striking and fielding.


We will continue following Tout Le Monde where we will recognise and use words to describe school. We will learn how to answer questions in French and develop our own questioning skills.


During this topic we look to maximise the use of our school grounds and outside areas. We aim to study Living things and their habitats before moving on to light. We will explore ideas and select and plan appropriate scientific enquiries whilst taking into account what makes a fair test.

History/ Geography

We will look to understand why WW2 started, who its leaders were and what is meant by the ‘Phoney War’. We will study some of the major events leading up to the Battle of Britain, including the countries involved and the roles they played. We will develop a familiarity with the locations of the countries involved in the first year of World War 2 by locating them on a map of 1939 Europe. We will also consider the role the British pilots played, and using maps, locate the Channel, the south-east coast of England and some Luftwaffe targets in the UK. We will discuss The Blitz and consider what it must have been like living in London at that time


The children will learn how a composer uses pitch and choice of instrument to portray mood and character. As we move towards the end of the year, there will be a particular focus on learning songs for our end of year production.


As part of our DT lesson, we will build our own WW2 model aeroplanes and decorate accordingly.
We will also use the school grounds to inspire our art work by collecting various materials and using these to create our own work of art.


This term we will consider the importance of relationships. Through class discussion, we will talk about relationships that are different and similar before moving on to conflict, resolution and mediation.
In light of Year 6 moving on to new schools, we will also discuss changes, concerns this may bring and solutions to help ease transition.


The children will be sitting their SATs tests week beginning 9th May. Please encourage the children to continue to use Mathletics, which will help them to build on their mental maths skills.