Reading at Home

What you can do to help.

Choose a quiet time to read with your child where it is cosy and comfortable. Try and find five to ten minutes a day at a special time.

Look at the cover, say the tile, look through the book and point out any new words and names of characters. Talk about what the story may be about.

Look at the pictures in the storybook. Talk about them and tell the story together.

Let your child read the story on their own. Encourage your child to handle the book independently – turning the pages and finding the line.

Encourage your child to use a range of strategies.

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Remember that much of the early reading your child does is memorizing. It is more important that they read the whole book remembering the sequence of the story than recognizing each individual word and what it says.

Be careful not to jump in too quickly to help; be patient and let them go through the strategies first.

All children learn to read at their own pace and in their own way. Spend time enjoying reading and sharing books with your child.