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Our aim is to encourage self-discipline, courtesy, consideration for others and respect for the school environment.

We feel positive praise is essential and staff reinforce good work, good behaviour and co-operation through a reward system of house points, stickers and certificates.

There are some individuals who need careful support and supervision and these are subject to our special educational needs policy.

Sanctions include letters of apology reflecting on the misdemeanour or a letter home together with a short detention at lunchtime. Pupils may be asked to complete a 4W form to reflect on the misdemeanour.

Our school rules were chosen by the pupils themselves and are:

In our school we always…

  • try to tell the truth,
  • try our best,
  • are kind, polite and considerate to everybody,
  • listen to everybody, and
  • care for our environment.


Exclusion will very rarely be used and then only in the interests of the health and safety of the child concerned, or others within the school. Parents will be notified in writing at the earliest possible moment, of the reason for the suspension or expulsion. All actions will follow the Kent County Council regulations.