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Starting School

If you decide, as I’m sure you will, that Hawkhurst Church of England Primary is the right school for your child, you will need to fill in an admissions form PRI which is available from the school office and should be returned by the deadline shown.

Visit KCC Site

Further information and a downloadable or online application form are available from the Kent County Council Website.

Please also see our school Admissions Policy (Located under Our School/Policies) for our most up to date selection criteria.

Pupils are admitted to our one form entry school in accordance with our Admissions Policy and places are allocated according to the following criteria :-

  • parental wishes
  • children in care
  • denominational preference
  • current family association
  • health reasons [parental health is not a criterion]
  • nearness of children’s homes and ease of access to schools

As part of our Induction Process, we arrange, as far as possible, for children to spend two afternoons and two mornings at school in the term before they start.

Additionally, we hold two afternoon sessions for parents when you will have the opportunity to meet your child’s class teacher and to ask any further questions that you may have about school.

A timetable detailing attendance times during the first couple of weeks is issued at the parent meetings. We believe that it is important for children to come into a relaxed and secure environment. This enables the teacher to focus on pupils who require more support at this important time.

We like parents to recognize that starting school for the first time brings with it new routines, social situations and experiences which can be very exhausting.

It is a great help, particularly to a child’s confidence, if, by the time they start school, they are able to :-

  • go to the toilet without assistance
  • use a knife, fork and spoon
  • dress and undress themselves
  • understand and follow simple verbal instructions