Orange Class – 2015/16 Terms 5 and 6 Topic Overview

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The children have a half hourly reading and writing session as well as a literacy session lasting 45 minutes. We will act out and write our own quest stories, analyse stories from the same and different authors, read and write recounts using past tense and compare this with the present tense. We will practise using basic and more advanced punctuation and knowledge of word classes to improve our sentences. Orange class will identify and use expanded noun phrases and adverbial sentence openers to vary writing for audiences and purposes.


In maths we will practise additions and subtractions using 3 numbers, 1 and 2 digit numbers and using an empty number line and rough workings to solve number problems. We will re-cap adding multiples of 10 and additions to the next multiple of ten. Orange class will find the difference between 2 numbers by counting on from the lowest number. We will also investigate capacity, weight and measures via practical investigations. Multiplication and division will be recapped showing it as repeated addition and sharing of objects.

History/ Geography

The Children will be looking at aspects of Britain and British life. We will look at the beginnings of British law with the formation of the Magna Carta. We will make family trees, looking at what makes us different and special culminating in a classroom breakfast to celebrate different types of food. Orange class will study different countries of the UK, Britain’s rivers and mountains to compare it to our local landscape, creating using maps and aerial photographs.


During Science we will be planting our bulbs and conducting a long term study with them, observing their growth and measuring the speed at which different bulbs will grow. We will identify and group British flora and fauna around our local area and compare this with other places. Orange class will study food chains of different animals to understand the terms producer, predator and prey.


The children will use ICT to compliment the other subjects, using a word processing program to write up their own stories and sentences. This will include using the space bar, the two delete keys, enter button, changing the font and saving and retrieving our work. We will also input data into programs to create graphs and presentations.

Art/ Technology

We will be looking at ourselves and others closely, drawing details and expressions on our faces and body language. Orange class will look at popular British artists and copy their work in sculpture, landscapes and pop art.

PSHE / Citizenship

We will follow SEAL (Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning) programmes on relationships and getting on with others. We will look at who is important to us and why, how to value ourselves and others whilst celebrating our differences. We will consider the different emotions we have and how to identify and control them.


This term there will be a focus on Hindu worship, knowledge of their Gods, Goddesses and important symbols and artefacts. The class will understand the Christian celebration of Pentecost as the birth of the church and why it is an important date for Christians. Next term Orange class will look at living good and Christian lives by applying important morals and virtues to our own lives.


KS1 will have music lessons together focussing on hymns and songs using rounds and repeating verses. The classes will practise using drums and tuned instruments, keeping and changing beats to well-known songs.