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Current Governing Body

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Our Current Governing Body

Mr Simon Curd Parent Governor Chair
Mrs Gill Knox Co Opted Governor Vice-Chair
Mrs Jodi Hacker Head Teacher
Ms Jess Howard Staff Governor
Mr Stephen Ringer Foundation Governor
Simon Curd,  Chair of Governors Gill Knox,  Vice Chair of GovernorsJodi Hacker, Head TeacherStephen Ringer, Foundation Governor
Mrs Jane Cooper Foundation Governor
Mrs Ruth Saunders Co-Opted Governor
Fr. Rodney Dreyer Foundation Governor
Mrs Sophie Stephens Parent Governor
Mrs Jane Phillips Clerk to the Governing Body
Jane Cooper Ruth Saunders, Co-Opted GovernorFather Rodney Dreyer, Foundation Governor Sophie Stephens, Parent GovernorJane Phillips, Clerk to the Governing Body

Simon Curd

Parent Governor

Simon is a parent governor appointed in November 2018. He is a qualified Civil Engineer and brings over 20 years project management and leadership experience to the Board. Simon has 2 daughters, one at the school and one at a local nursery, so hopes to be associated with the school for many years to come.

He is passionate about the outdoors and believes that learning through experience is fundamental in children’s development so it’s no surprise he is a huge advocate of forest school.

“Regularly spending time in school I’ve found the atmosphere to be positive and inspiring. Volunteering is a great opportunity to work with the staff and other governors to contribute to an outstanding learning environment for our children”

Jodi Hacker

Jodi Hacker Head Teacher

Jodi is the head teacher of Hawkhurst CEP School. She took over the role in September 2017 having previously been the head teacher at Colliers Green CEP School.


“I am proud to be the Headteacher at Hawkhurst C.E. Primary School.  I have worked in education for 27 years having graduated from Kent University and my background is in Special Educational Needs, Child Protection and Behaviour Management. I believe all children should be given the opportunity to thrive in school and to receive an education tailored to their individual needs.”

Stephen Ringer

Foundation Governor

Stephen is a foundation governor, appointed in 2019. Stephen has been teaching secondary Mathematics for 16 years following 25 years working as an accountant in industry.

He is a former Churchwarden of St. Laurence Church and has been a member of the Choir there for 23 years.

Stephen enjoys sport, particularly rugby and cricket (which he still plays) and music.

Jane Cooper

Foundation Governor

Jane is a Foundation Governor, appointed in 2018.

Jane is a retired midwife and nurse and has been a foster carer, mostly for teenagers. She is involved in girl guiding and is currently one of two regional safeguarding volunteers.

Jane has many interested and enjoys singing (and music in general), gardening and travel. She lives in a 4 generation household and has 2 grandsons attending Hawkhurst school.

“I am a very new to the governor role, so learning lots at the moment, but I like to think I can play a small part in making our village school the best it can possibly be.”

Business Interests
Governor Name And Category Term of Office And Appointing Body Positions of Responsibility & Committee Membership Attendance Of FGB/Committee Meetings 2019/20* Declaration of Business Interest Any other Educational Establishments Governed Relationship with school staff including spouse, partners and relatives Date Decl. Signed
Simon Curd Parent governor 23.11.2018 - 22.11.2022

Parent election

Chair of the FGB

Member of the Resources Committee

H&S Governor

FGB: 6 of 6

Comm: 3 of 3

No business interests to declare. None None 15.09.20 
Gill Knox

Co-opted governor

04.09.2019 - 03.09.2023

Governing Body

Vice Chair of the FGB

Chair of the Resources Committee

SEN(D), Finance & PP/Covid Catch-up Governor

FGB: 5 of 6

Comm: 3 of 3

No business interests to declare. A governor of Cranbrook School None 21.09.20
Jodi Hacker

Headteacher governor

01.09.2017 - Ex Officio

Governing Body

Full Governing Body

Resources Committee

FGB: 6 of 6

Comm: 3 of 3

No business interests to declare. None None 21.09.20
Jessica Howard

Staff governor

24.05.2019 - 23.05.2023

Staff election

Full Governing Body FGB: 5 of 6 No business interests to declare. None None 05.10.20
Jane Cooper

Foundation governor

09.04.2018 - 08.04.2022


Full Governing Body

Child Protection Governor

FGB: 5 of 6 No business interests to declare. None None 14.09.20
Ruth Saunders

Co-opted governor

09.07.2018 - 08.07.2022

Governing Body

Full Governing Body

Vice Chair of the Resources Committee

FGB: 6 of 6

Comm: 2 of 3

No business interests to declare. None None 21.09.20
Fr. Rodney Dreyer

Ex Officio Foundation governor

09.05.2002 - Ex Officio Full Governing Body

SIAMS Governor

FGB: 3 of 6 No business interests to declare. None None 30.09.20 
Stephen Ringer

Foundation governor

04.02.2019 - 03.02.2023


Full Governing Body

Member of the Resources Committee

FGB: 5 of 6

Comm: 3 of 3

No business interests to declare. None None 18.09.20
Sophie Stevens

Parent governor

05.12.2019 - 04.12.2023

Parent election

Full Governing Body

EYFS Governor

FGB: 4 of 4 No business interests to declare. None   None 21.09.20
Christopher Johnson

Associate Member

28.01.2019 - 21.09.2020

Governing Body

(Role no longer included within model of gov.)

Full Governing Body FGB: 0 of 6 Assistant Headteacher of Cranbrook School. None None 25.11.19
Carolyn Bassett

Co-opted governor

21.05.2018 - 05.09.2020

Governing Body (Resigned)

Full Governing Body FGB: 1 of 6 No business interests to declare. None None 31.10.19
Anna Kerman

Co-opted governor

14.03.2016 - 13.03.2020

Governing Body

(End of term of office)

Communication and PR Governor

T&D Governor

Formerly Vice Chair of the FGB

FGB: 2 of 3 No business interests to declare. None None 04.09.19
Keith Paton

Co-opted governor

01.10.2018 - 27.12.19

Governing Body

(Passed away)

Former Chair of the FGB and Resources Committee

Health & Safety Governor

FGB: 1 of 2 No business interests to declare. None Spouse of the school’s Family Liaison Officer 10.11.19

*The number of full governing body (FGB) and Committee (Comm) meetings which could have been attended whilst a serving governor of the school.

CDBEd – Canterbury Diocesan Board of Education

PCC – Parochial Church Council

SEN(D) – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities T&D – Training & Development

PP – Pupil Premium

H&S – Health & Safety

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Our Governing Body reconstituted with effect from 13th November 2013 and the new structure is as follows :-

2 Parent Governors

1 Local Authority Governor

1 Staff Governor

1 Head Teacher

3 Foundation Governors, to include the vicar of St Laurence’s Church

5 Co-opted Governors

Total 13 Governors

Governors usually serve a four-year term on the Governing Body. The role of governors is now far reaching with wide ranging strategic and monitoring responsibilities. In order to carry out these responsibilities effectively, we usually work in pairs on the following School Plan Priorities:-

  • Achievement
  • Quality of Teaching
  • Behaviour and Safety
  • Leadership and Management
  • Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)
  • Budget Monitoring