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Church Distinctiveness

Church Distinctiveness

How are we a distinctive Church of England Primary School ?

At Hawkhurst CE Primary School we aim to be distinctive in our Christian character by living out our school values daily. Collective Worship is a key part of our school day, setting the tone for the behaviour and ethos of our school family.

We have strong links with our local Vicar, Father Rodney and parish churches which we use on occasions, from R.E lessons, whole school collective worship and to mark key dates in the Christian calendar.

Our pupils, staff and governors have all been involved in developing our five core Christian values, each with an associate Bible story.

  • Reverence: Moses and the Burning Bush
  • Fellowship (Koinonia): Feeding the Five Thousand
  • Friendship: Zacchaeus in the Tree
  • Forgiveness: The Prodigal Son
  • Endurance: Noah’s Ark

These values form the foundations at Hawkhurst and underpin everything we do. We celebrate them in Collective Worship, explore them through our R.E lessons and use them in our everyday language. More importantly, we live them out in everything that we do.



As a school, we support various charities and raise money in many different ways. The whole school are involved because we are aware of how fortunate we are in comparison to so many other people in Britain and around the world. We know how important it is to care about others and do our best to help where we can.

Raising money for charity unleashes children’s creativity and encourages them to be kind, responsible citizens. Our pupils are encouraged to organise their own fundraising events as well as take part in whole school events.

The School Council have been busy organising their priorities for this year. They have chosen to support The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust and Ellenor as well as aiming to raise money for the purchase of new equipment for the playground.

Here are some examples of their fundraising :

Austen’s Charity Haircut
Austen in Year 6 had his hair cut off to raise money for the National Autistic Trust. He raised over £550 and donated 8 inches of hair to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer.
Beat the Goalie
Susie Arthur and some Year 6 children organised a ‘Beat the Goalie’ competition to raise money to buy new goal posts for the school field. The total raised was £84
Red Nose Day
Children came dressed in something red in exchange for £1. The total money raised was £126.30, which went to Comic Relief.
Children in Need
Children came to school wearing something spotty for £1 donation. They also brought any spare change in to help fill the ‘Children in Need’ teddy that was drawn out on the playground. Finally, cakes were baked and donated for a cake sale after school. £331.94 was raised.
Love in a Box – Mustard Seed Relief Mission
Lots of pupils donated items to send to under privileged children throughout Eastern Europe. Between the school and St. Laurence’s church 58 boxes where filled.



At Hawkhurst we have many celebrations and events which reflect and embody our overt Christian character. Many of them follow the Anglican calendar and others are key events where the children and adults reflect on aspects of their life, their community and ways in which they can affect others’ lives. Below are just a flavour of what we have done recently.

  • End of School Year Service
  • Bread of Fellowship
  • Easter Service
  • Remembrance Service
  • Harvest Festival
  • Choir visiting Bowles Lodge to sing and talk to residents.
  • Christmas Service
RE Curriculum

RE Curriculum

At Hawkhurst Church of England Primary School we strive to extend horizons by providing all pupils with the opportunity to extend and explore the spiritual, moral, intellectual, creative and personal possibilities within God’s World.

Religious Education enables pupils to acquire knowledge and understanding about Christianity as a living faith that influences the lives of people in the UK and worldwide. It also aims to educate them about other major world religions represented in Britain. They are also encouraged to develop their own beliefs and values.

R.E plays an important part in our broad and balanced curriculum to which all pupils are entitled at Hawkhurst. Through using a variety of teaching techniques such as: drama, art, discussion, reading texts, pictures, use of artefacts and time for reflection, the pupils will experience opportunities to learn about religions and become religiously literate.

Christianity plays a central role in the school and Hawkhurst follows the Kent Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education and the Understanding Christianity Syllabus, which focuses on the ‘big story’ of the Bible.

More information can be found here:

Religious Education Policy

Kent Agreed Syllabus
Assessment in RE
This document is an example of how pupil progress in the RE curriculum is measured.

Collective Worship

Collective Worship

An act of collective worship takes place each day at Hawkhurst Church of England Primary School. In keeping with our links with the church, these are Christian in content and reflect the traditions of the Church of England.

Our collective worship is wholly Christian and based on the Church of England. Our 5 selected values – forgiveness, friendship, endurance, reverence and fellowship – are central to our collective worship. Although we broadly follow the Diocesan plans of worship we are flexible in content and ensure that the vast majority of stories used in collective worship are derived both from the Old and New Testaments.

Children listen to music and are encouraged to reflect on both the issues and the wonders of our world. We sing songs of worship enthusiastically and always include time together with a prayer or a quiet thought.

Once a week, our Vicar, Rev Rodney Dreyer, leads our worship and we hold at least one special assembly in St Laurence’s Church each term. We also hold Bread of Fellowship services at school with the Vicar for Years 5 and 6.

All parents have the right to withdraw their child from Collective Worship and Religious Education and any parent wishing to do so should contact the Head Teacher. Pupils who are withdrawn are provided with appropriate alternative activities, according to individual needs.

Reflection Areas

Reflection Areas

Each classroom has a dedicated Reflection Area where pupils can spend some time contemplating or saying a prayer.

SIAMS Inspection

SIAMs Inspection

Download Full Report
Download Full Report

Previous SIAS grade: Good

Current inspection grade: Good

Diocese: Canterbury

Local authority: Kent

Dates of inspection: 13 July 2016

Date of last inspection: 22 June 2011

School’s unique reference number: 118602

Headteacher: Mrs Elizabeth Hatcher

Inspector’s name and number: Mrs Elizabeth Pettersen 557

If the link above for the latest SIAMS report does not work, you can try visiting the following website and searching for Hawkhurst Primary School.

The Church

The Church

As a Church School we work with our local Anglican church of St. Laurence, Hawkhurst.

Father Rodney Dreyer, Foundation GovernorThe Vicar, Father Rodney Dreyer joins us in school to lead worship monthly. Father Rodney also leads Year 6 in the Bread of Fellowship termly.

The school celebrates Harvest, Christmas and Easter each year – many of these services take place at St. Laurence’s church which parents are welcome to attend.

Father Rodney is always happy to chat with any pupil or parent should they find this useful, offering spiritual, emotional or pastoral support.

The church website can be found here:

Ethos, Vision & Mission


At Hawkhurst Church of England Primary School, we aim to provide a happy, dynamic and motivating environment, where appropriate and challenging learning opportunities are met with confidence and enthusiasm. This will be achieved by providing:-

  • a high quality of teaching and learning within a Christian ethos.
  • opportunities for spiritual and moral growth and for developing an appreciation of the diversity of the human race and an understanding of the Christian faith.
  • a commitment to encouraging the participation of parents, the Church and the local community in the education of our children and the life of our school.
  • a stimulating, well-organised learning environment with good quality resources.
  • consistently high expectations.
  • a diverse and exciting curriculum accessible to all.
  • teaching styles that take account of preferred learning styles and encourage independence.
  • a safe environment where relationships are based on mutual respect, honesty and encouragement.
  • a philosophy of continuous self-review and improvement in every aspect of school life

Vision Statement

Hawkhurst Church of England Primary School is:-

  • a place of excellence where children can achieve full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical, moral and spiritual development;
  • a caring place where children and adults feel they make a contribution and are valued as individuals;
  • a place of Christian values where children learn respect for themselves and others;
  • a partnership between children, parents, staff and governors and the community as a whole.

Mission Statement

At Hawkhurst Church of England Primary School we strive to extend horizons by providing all pupils with the opportunity to extend and explore the spiritual, moral, intellectual, creative and personal possibilities within God’s World.