E-Safety Advice for Children

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What’s it all about?

Using the internet and your mobile to chat to people or share ideas is great fun! But it can also be tricky; as you are not face to face, you can never be sure who you are talking to or who can see your pictures or videos.

There are a few simple rules that can help you to have fun, stay safe and keep out of trouble.

  • Never publish private information about yourself or people you know. This  includes names, school, where you are, birthday or even your passwords!
  • Be careful with your pictures and videos. What does your picture give away  about you? Remember, you can’t get it back once you post it.
  • Never arrange to meet alone with someone that you don’t know in person.  If you really want to meet up then take a responsible adult.
  • Never open an attached file sent with an e-mail. Ask your parents or
    guardian first, as it may contain a virus.
  • Tell your parent or guardian right away if you come across any information  that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not enter contests without asking your parents first.
  • Do not give out your Internet passwords to anyone (even best friends), other than your parents.
  • Always treat others on the Internet the way you want to be treated.
  • Do not go to any chatrooms or websites not approved of by your parents/guardians.
  • Never download anything from the Net without your parents/guardians  permission. It may contain a virus.
  • Make your passwords really hard to guess!


… remember, if you can lie about your age to get onto a site, so can anyone else!

Follow these rules and stay safe!