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On Thursday 26th January, Mr Cripps took a team of Year 3 and 4s to compete in the New Age Curling Festival at High Halden Primary School. Our terrific team of Heidi, Danny, Gabriel and Aaron took on teams from High Halden and John Mayne, and got off to a flying start when Heidi scored a 10 point stone in our opening game against John Mayne 1, putting Hawkhurst into an early lead.

Our cracking curlers then defeated both High Halden teams thanks to scores from Gabriel, Aaron and Danny, leading to a showdown with John Mayne 1 for the title. Unfortunately, thanks to a 14 point game from our opponents, Team Hawkhurst had to settle for second place. Our curlers did our school proud, and were gracious in both defeat and victory, displaying exemplary sporting spirit.

Special thanks to Mr Heath for organising the competition. Our next curling competition takes place at the Weald Sports Centre on Tuesday 7th February.

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