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How does our Forest School Learning help us in the classroom?

Exploring the great outdoors not only stimulates children’s natural curiosity, but makes other school subjects, such as literacy, numeracy and science topic work more relevant. As the children gain new skills and knowledge outside the classroom, so they become excited about their learning which, in turn enhances their potential back inside the classroom. As self-esteem grows, we often see children become more motivated to participate in classroom activities and confidently express their ideas in front of their peers. We see other pupils clearly enjoying their improved physical stamina and motor skills whether that’s during PE lessons, on the sports field or out and about with friends during break times. Making decisions and not giving up when things don’t quite go quite to plan in Forest School are also essential skills the children need in life.

The happy bi-product of children directing their own learning through our Forest School programme, is ultimately, the emergence of more resilient, independent, confident and creative learners. This, combined with our ability to satisfy the ongoing fascination children have with the natural world around them makes Forest School at Hawkhurst Primary, a very special place indeed. It can also get a bit muddy, but as every parent knows – busy little explorers on an important woodland mission are always going to get more than their hands dirty!

We have recently been granted funds to expand our current outdoor learning provision. This investment will further enrich our current Forest School programme as we continue to promote healthier lifestyles for children.

“We like being outside and in the fresh air. It is great when we make things out of wood, such a bows and arrows, pendant necklaces and when we weave natural items to make something.”