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Hawkhurst Church of England Primary School is a Church of England Controlled Primary School catering for children between the ages of 4 and 11 years. The school has 30 places in each year group. The school prides itself as being a church school and its fundamental beliefs in the one God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Anglican tradition. The school champions 5 key values: fellowship, friendship, forgiveness, endurance and reverence and uses these to help shape the lives of all members of its community.

Admissions Procedures for the Foundation Stage (children aged 4 – 5 years old)

Hawkhurst Church of England Primary School Accepts 30 children into the Reception Class during the academic year of their fifth birthday.

Parents are invited to visit the school preferably when the children are present. When the Common Application Forms are sent to the school they will be issued to all parents who have requested one. Application may be made electronically or on a paper copy. After completion the form should be sent directly to the Local Education Authority or returned to school for us to forward to the LEA. Once the admissions procedure has been completed the LEA notifies parents by letter whether their application has been successful.

The head teacher holds an information sharing meeting in the summer term preceding entry. All new entrants are invited to spend four preparatory afternoons in school and the Reception teacher visits the children at their pre-schools or nurseries.

Pupils who attend Hawkhurst Pre–School will be brought to these sessions by the Pre-School Manager. Pupils who do not attend Hawkhurst Pre–School but who will be joining the school are also invited to attend school on these days.

Visits to the child’s home are also arranged in agreement with parents, in order to facilitate the link between home and school.

Admission Criteria including admission to other year groups

– please ask at the school office or visit KCC website; Education and Children, Schools, Primary School Places.

Children are admitted to Hawkhurst Church of England Primary School according to the Local Education Authority criteria as follows:

  • Looked after children
  • Children who have an older brother or sister in the school at the time of admission
  • Health reasons – a medical certificate may be required to support the application
  • Nearness of children’s homes to the school