Term 5 – Animal Collage Art Work

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The first stage of this project was to create the background. The children chose whatever colour pastels they liked to go crazy with making shapes, lines and patterns on their paper. Once their page was full of lines, squiggles and shapes, they used water colours to fill in all the gaps.

Next, they created large sheets of monochrome patterns and pictures and once they had finished and everything was dry, they ripped both pieces of work up into long strips. These strips were pooled together, then shared out equally between the children so that everyone had some of their own and other people’s work.

The next step, was to use a template to draw eyes and noses, then the children used pastels to blend and shade, creating lifelike features. The eyes were a particular challenge, but they persevered.

After that, the children stuck the torn-up strips onto a sheet of A3 black card, radiating out from the centre. They alternated the colours and monochrome to give a striking effect. The strips hanging off the edge, helped to create the feel of feathers or fur.

The, the children carefully placed the eyes and noses on the background, and finally, added some detail with black paint. I think you’ll agree that the finished results look absolutely stunning !